Student internships

Gaining professional work experience with a UK-based company can be hugely important for international students wishing to enhance their CVs and secure future employment in the UK or overseas. 

Our internship programme connects students with UK-based SMEs (small and medium enterprises) and startup companies to deliver a consultancy project (focused on a real life challenge indentified by the company).

The students work as part of a team of 3-5 students (including a mix of nationalities and academic backgrounds). The projects last for two weeks and are delivered remotely - enabling students from different universities, in different locations, to collaborate together.

For students

To take part in the summer 2020 internship programme you must be registered as a student at a UK university. If selected you must be available to take part in the (virtual) programme between 13th and 24th July.

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For companies

This summer, we are offering a number of companies the opportunity to engage in our summer internship programme (13th -24th July 2020) at zero cost. 

The programme is a great way for your company to gain fresh insight from a team of enthustiatic and knowledgable students. The students are generally multiliningual and come from a range of nationalities and academic backgrounds.

Project must have a specific focus and be deliverable in a two-week period. It's up to you to determine the exact nature of the project (and agree the format of the outputs with the students at the project kick-off meeting). Examples of suitable projects include:

  > global market research;

  > prototype development;

  > user testing of a new product or service;

  > SWOT testing;

  > competitor analysis.

Your obligation to the students will be to commit to three vitual meetings over the course of the two-week project.

We also request that companies provide feedback on the programme and references for the students.

The teams are trained prior to the project to ensure that they understand how to add value through their consultancy project with you.

We can provide you with an NDA template which the students can sign to ensure the confidentiality of any commencially sensitive work.

If you would like to find out how your company can benefit e-mail