Oxford/Cambridge Service

Our Oxbridge Services are for students who are thinking of applying to the Universities of Oxford or Cambridge (which are commonly referred to as "Oxbridge"). The services are suitable for undergraduate applicants (applying through UCAS) who wish to get support navigating the unique application proccesses of these two universities.

The first thing to point out is that students may only apply to Oxford or Cambridge (NOT to both universities). This means you will need to make quite a big decision before you start your application. 

Secondly, many students are not clear on what studying at Oxbridge is like and whether it is right for them. Therefore, we suggest starting with our Initial Assessment Service before continuing with our Oxbridge Application and Preparation Services.

If you are interested in our Intial Oxbridge Assessment Service (or any of our other Oxbridge Services) fill out this form and we will be in touch for a free, no-obligation chat about how we can help.

Initial Oxbridge Assessment - Price: £250

This initial service helps you to decide whether Oxbridge is right for you. It includes:

  • An initial assessment test with personalised structured feedback
  • A session with an Oxford student mentor (in relevant subject area)
  • A session with a Cambridge student mentor (in relevant subject area)

This service will help you to:

  • Understand what it is like to study at Oxford and Cambridge, (including the tutorial/supervision system, workload, assessment, extra-curricular activity and general 'student life').
  • Understand whether you are suited to study at Oxbridge (this is not necessarily a reflection on academic ability. Many of the brightest students do not thrive in the Oxbridge study environment and choose to study at other top universities).
  • Help you to decide on which courses at Oxford/Cambridge you might enjoy.
  • Help you to decide between Oxford and Cambridge

Mentoring and Application Service - price £750

Whilst Oxbridge applications are submitted through UCAS, the process is slightly different to that of non-oxbridge applications and, as a result, students often find the process confusing and stressful.

Our Mentoring and Application Service is designed to familiarise you with the process, build your confidence and help you to prepare an application in which your personal academic strengths shine.

Once you've decided on whether you want to apply to Oxford or Cambridge we pair you with a student mentor in your chosen subject area. These students have been through the application process themselves (being current or recent Oxbridge students) and can provide friendly support and advice.

Our mentors provide a series of structured virtual sessions:

  • Session one - Introduction (with your student mentor)
    • Getting to know you and your academic interests and motivations
    • Questions and answers on studying and living in Oxford or Cambridge
    • Helping you understand the Oxford or Cambridge the college system, what it means to be a member of an Oxbridge college, differences between colleges, and the difference between 'college applications' and 'open applications'.
    • Understanding the requirements of, and application process for, your chosen course (including any admissions tests, written work, subject requirements etc)
  • Session two - Alternative university choices (with a higher education advisor)
    • As you can apply to four universities (in addition to Oxford or Cambridge), one of our higher education consultants will discuss your alternative options and help you determine which other universities you might consider.
    • This session helps you understand how the overall UCAS appliction works and how the Oxbridge application fits into the process.
  • Session three - Personal statement - Part one (with your student mentor)
    • Personalised advice and guidance on writing an Oxbridge personal statement (what kinds of things to focus on and how to structure it)
    • You will be asked to draft your personal statement (and send it to your mentor) before the next session
  • Session four - Personal statement - Part two (with your student mentor)
    • Feedback session on your draft personal statement (highlighting any areas for improvement)
    • You can take on board the advice from this session to make any improvements to your personal statement before submitting it to one of our experienced higher education advisors for proofreading.
  • Final session (with a higher education advisor)
    • This session will check you have fully understood the process, are happy with your personal statement and understand the next steps so you are on track for the successful submission of your Oxbridge application.
  • Submitting your application (optional)
    • Many students like to submit their applications via their schools. Alternatively, as we are a UCAS centre, you may submit your application through us. This is common for students whose schools are not registered as a UCAS centre or students who have already left school and taken time out (e.g. gap years or military service).
    • If you choose to submit through us, there is an additional £50 charge to cover our administration costs and UCAS fees.
    • Regardless of whether or not you submit through our UCAS centre you have the option of adding us your UCAS track portal so that we can see when universities make decisions on your application and provide post application support.

Note: You only require one UCAS application for up to five universities (Oxford or Cambridge plus four). Your personal statement, which you have drafted with advice from our mentors, will be suitable for all other university choices (so you don't need to take any of our other UCAS application services).

Test Preparation Service - price £250

The admissions process for many (but not all) courses at Oxford and Cambridge requires you to sit an aptitude test. 

We can help you prepare for these tests through our Test Preparation Service. This involves:

  • A session with a mentor who has experience of the relevant test to talk you through the test structure and what you can expect
  • Two practice tests
  • Structured feedback on your test performance (including identification of gaps and areas for improvement)

Interview Preparation Service - price £500

Being called to an interview can feel daunting and Oxbridge interviews are unlike a typical interview. They are designed to simulate the tutorial/supervision system and focus on exploring your academic curiousity and rigour. It helps academics to determine whether you are the kind of student who will thrive in the unique Oxbridge learning environment.

It is therefore extremely helpful to prepare for the interview with a mentor who has been through the experience themselves. This will help you to feel comfortable with what to expect and be confident on the day of your interview.

The service includes:

  • A session with a mentor to provide an overview of the interview, what to expect and how to prepare
  • A initial practice interview with a mentor with feedback
  • A second practice interview (with a different mentor) with feedback
  • A final session to cover any remaining questions you may have

You should be aware that you only get a week or two of notice before being called to interview and it is worth considering pre-booking our Interview Preparation Service in advance so that we can schedule you in.

If you are interested in any of the services above fill out our online form and we will arrange a free, no-obligation conversation with you to discuss your options.