Our Services

Free consultation
  • 20 minute consultation with one of our UK higher education experts
  • Tell us about your academic and career priorities
  • Eligibility review
  • Explore how we can help you secure a place at your ideal university
Undergraduate Application Service
  • Personalised, impartial advice from a UK higher education expert
  • Identification of suitable universities and/or pathway options
  • Verification of your academic qualification level
  • Assistance with preparing university application and submission to up to 5 universities (UCAS fee included)
  • Post application support (as you receive responses from your chosen universities)
Postgraduate Service
  • Impartial advice on suitable universites and/or pathway options
  • Assistance with drafting a Statement of Purpose (SOP)
  • Verification of academic qualifications
  • Circulation of your profile to UK university admission teams
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Tuition and preparation services
  • Academic tuition (including A level and IB)
  • Aptitude and standard test preparation (including GMAT, GRE, LNAT, MAT, STEP, TSA, BMAT and UCAT)
  • Interview preparation
from £55 p/h
Employability Service
  • Internship placement with a UK-based company
  • Consultancy training
  • Experience working as past of an international team
  • Develop your skills and business knowledge
  • Enhance your CV and gain valuable references
Visa and relocation services
  • Visa consultation and checking service
  • Assistance with off-campus accommodation
  • Assistance with setting up bank account, mobile phone, insurance and more
  • In country student support services
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Document translation and verification services
  • certified translation of academic certificates
  • certified translation of academic transcripts
  • certified translation of legal documents
  • academic equivalency certification.
from £55

How our services work

Free consultation

We recognise that everyone is unique and everybody's university requirements are different. So in this initial consultation we like to get to know you and your higher education priorities. 

We explore: what you enjoy studying, your future career aspirations and any other factors that are important to you.

We help you understand your options and how our services can help you take the next step!

Undergraduate Application Service

We will match you with a higher education expert who will work with you to narrow down your university shortlist and prepare your university application/s.

We will require you to provide us with a copy or scan of your academic certificates and transcripts and our expert will provide impartial advice about a range of relevant courses/universities and help you narrow your shortlist down to five (the maximum number of universities to which you can apply under UCAS (the University and College Applications Service).)

As a UCAS centre, we will help you to prepare your application (which includes helping you to structure your personal statement, proofread and check your application, and provide a reference detailing your suitability for the course/s).

We will then submit your application and help you track your application after submission; providing support and advice as you recieve responses from your selectedd universities.

Postgraduate Service

As an international graduate you are highly valued by UK universities who wish to recruit high calibre students for their postgraduate courses. Our postgraduate service puts you and your unique skills and experience at the heart of the postgraduate application process. 

Our global team of UK higher education experts work to guide and mentor you through the process of deciding which UK universities are the most suitable for you. Our team members are all themselves graduates from UK universities, so they have direct experience of what it is like to study in the UK. Their advice is completely impartial, taking into account your academic interests, career aspirations and the kind of environment in which you would like to study.

Your mentor will work with you to draft a strong Statement of Purpose. This is a document which will highlight your academic and professional qualities and aspirations, your fit to the programmes you wish to study, and the value you would bring to those programmes. 

We will then forward your Statement of Purpose through our network of UK university admission teams, focusing on (but not limited to) those universities you have highlighted as your preferred options.

This approach has the huge benefit of facilitating timely responses from universities and ensures a transparent approach where your application is accessible to all UK universities.

Tuition and preparation services

For many students, a university place will be conditional on requirements such as meeting academic grades, standardised tests, or an interview. 

We provide online tuition (1-1 or in small groups) delivered by qualified teachers and academics. 

We can also partner you up with current and former students who have studied at relevant universities in the UK to provide tailored advice to make sure you are confident and prepared.

Employability Service

Taking action to progress your career is equally as important as succeeding in your studies. That's why we are launching our 'employability' service to prepare you for the world of work in the UK, back in your home country, or indeed globally!

Our service includes: 

  • matching you with a professional mentor in your sector; 

  • UK-based Internships (to gain experience and references); 

  • registered visa agent advice (including start up visas, work visas, permanent residency, and family/dependents)

  • business English training; Interview training; 

  • work environment training (covers cultural and legal aspects); 

  • CV and job application services;

  • access to job boards.

  • Access to a professional mentor in your sector;



We recognise that some students prefer ta 'DIY (do it yourself) approach and only require some of our services. That's no problem, whilst our standard packages provide 'best value' we are happy to provide individual services too. Just get in touch to discuss your requirements.

Visa, validation and translation services.

We  provide visa an OISC-registered* visa advisory service to ensure your visa application goes smoothly. We also provide relocation support and on-going support to students when they are studying in the UK.

Our translation services are undertaken by certified translators and meet the requirements for all universities and UKVI (border agency)